Why You Should Cleanse Your Home of Negativity (& How to Do It)

Everything is made up of energy, and everything is vibrating at a particular frequency. This includes people, pets, places and things.

Why is this important?

Because YOU are can be affected by the vibration of people and things around you!

Sometimes we have no control over the energy of a certain space we are in such as public places, a friend of family member’s house, your work place, etc. But we can control the energy in our personal spaces, including our home car, and even the section where we work in a public building.

That is why it’s so important to cleanse the energy of your home (and other personal spaces) on a regular basis. This is especially true after having people over to your home, host a party or holiday gathering, or have an argument with someone in your home (even if it is just over the phone).

Whether you realize it or not, your own vibration is being affected by it, and it’s actually really easy to cleanse and reboot the energy. I always recommend doing it at least once per quarter (seasonally) in addition to situational cleansing.

In this video, I actually share a personal story about moving into a new home and having EVERYTHING go wrong. Once we cleansed, it all settled back down! I also go through a variety of options to cleanse the energy including:

  • Burning Sage to Cleanse Energy — This fully cleanses all the energy in your home (good and bad).
  • Burning Palo Santo Wood – This removed the negative energy of any space.
  • Frankincense or sage incense sticks
  • Diffuse Essential Oils – Palo Santo oil, Sage oil, Frankincense oil, and other cleansing blends
  • Cleansing Sprays and Candles

Here is what I say while clearing:

“I’m clearing any negative thoughts, negative energy, negative emotions, and anything that is not beneficial to the people who live here (or you can say me, or work here). Replacing it with only love and light.”

Happy clearing 🙂

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