Universal Alignment Session

Do you feel stuck or unsure of how to move forward and make progress in one or more areas of your life?

Do you need help making changes in your relationship, your health, your career or with money and finances?

Would you like to know what advice the Universe has for you, and some simple and practical action steps you can take to finally break through your blocks and see movement forward?

Then a Universal Alignment session with Tammy is for you!

It includes one-on-one time with Tammy and a customized action plan just for you with easy tools, exercises and rituals based on your exact needs! This will help you re-align with the Universe, call in the higher help you need and start seeing changes fast!

Universal Alignment Session with Tammy – $150

Included in the session is:

Part 1: 30 minute consult via phone — We will discuss the areas of your life or specific situations you are struggling with, where you feel stuck, and what might be blocking you from moving forward. This will also include a mini Oracle card reading to see what the Universe most wants you to know about it all right now.

Part 2: Customized Plan PDF (emailed within 3 business days of our live consult) — I will spend up to 1 hour in my own sacred space creating a personalized plan for you based on our conversation and your needs.

This may include but is not limited to:

  • Customized prayers to call in higher help unique to your situation
  • Customized rituals (which may include prayer, exercise, crystals, etc.)
  • Audio Meditations (mp3 format)
  • Recommended tools, simple techniques and easy exercises based on your needs (including specific directions on how to use them)
  • A list of possible beliefs and/or emotions that should be cleared, and directions on how to clear them

To Book a Session, Contact Me Here!


Julie Varon“Talking to Tammy is like talking to a good friend … but a good friend with life-changing advice and spot-on intuition. Tammy almost immediately zeroed in on what needed changing and gave me bite-sized exercises and techniques to help me do it. I never felt overwhelmed by Tammy’s suggestions, yet they were surprisingly effective. And worked quickly. Tammy knows what she’s doing. I highly recommend working with her.”    ~ Julie Varon, CA

“Tammy’s intuition and ability to streamline action into a plan is unparalleled. In just one session, she gave me an entirely new way of thinking and specific targeted rituals and prayers to use which helped create a HUGE shift for me almost immediately! I can’t recommend her enough.”    ~ Amy B. Scher, NYC