How to Handle Difficult People (and Relationsips)

Do you have difficult relationships or people in your life who drive you crazy? People who trigger you, irritate you, upset you, anger you or frustrate you?

Are you struggling with a relationship, either a friend, family member, co-worker, boss or neighbor, and are not sure what to do in order to fix or repair it?

We all have people in our lives that we find “difficult” to deal with, or relationships that go through a difficult patch, and in some cases we can’t just walk away. For example, your neighbor may be driving you nuts, but you are not looking to move. Or your co-worker makes you want to scream, but you are not ready for a new job.

Well, here is the good news!

There are things you can do to help without even involving the other person in the process! I share how to handle difficult people in the below video, and they are listed here as well:

  1. Call in Higher Help
    I call in higher help for everything, but when it comes to relationships there are specific archangels I rely on to improve and heal issues with another person.These are:Archangel Chamuel — Whether you are looking to bring in new relationships or want to heal misunderstandings between people or heal relationships.Archangel Raguel – Known for healing arguments between people and works to bring harmony back to the relationship.

    Ganesha – The Hindu God that can help you remove obstacles in all areas, including relationships.Here is a simple prayer to use:
    Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Raguel, please help me heal my relationship with [fill in the blank]. Allow me to fully view and understand my part in this situation, and please help [name of other person] open up to his/her part as well. Help us allow our higher selves to be open to what we both need to do to repair this situation. I am open to any signs and synchronicities you send my way to direct me where I need to go or what I need to do. Please help me recognize them when they arrive. Ganesha, I ask that you please remove any obstacles that might be standing in the way of repairing and healing this relationship. Thank you – Amen.

    NOTE: Do this every day until you start seeing improvement in difficult relationships!

  2. Difficult Relationships Repair Technique
    Find a photo of the other person (if you can) and three times a day (set an alarm on your phone) and do focused gratitude. Choose three things you are grateful for about them and say it to the picture.For example:[Name Here] I am so very grateful for the time you came with me to my doctor’s appointment when I needed support[Name Here] I am so very grateful to you for the thoughtful birthday present you gave me last year.[Name Here] I am so very grateful to you for all of the times you listened to me when I called and needed someone to talk to.

    NOTE: Do this for at least 7 days in a row (but feel free to do it more too!)

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