Are you ready to feel more confident, connected, and happy?

The Universe is Trying to Get in Touch with You.
It’s Time to Pick Up the Call.

Discover how to tap into your Divine Higher Helpline and uncover the answers, guidance, and reassurance you need to create a purposeful life you love — in a way that actually works for YOU.

You are not alone. You were never meant to “figure it all out” or make decisions by yourself. And yet, my guess is that’s how you feel right now.

It’s safe to say that your life hasn’t exactly gone the way you planned — and at least not in every area — and currently, something is missing. 

You’re struggling to create the positive shifts you want in your life, and you’re not so sure the Universe really is working in your favor right now . . . 

I get it. I see you. And I need you to know it doesn’t have to be this way. You were never meant to feel so isolated or to figure anything out on your own!

If you are tired of riding the roller coaster of life, with its ups and downs, and are longing to feel more stable and connected to Spirit and its guidance… 

If you are ready to feel more confident in the decisions you are making and the path you are on and feel more consistently happy and at ease… 

And if you are ready to live from a place of trust and knowing that the Universe is directing you — and actually see the signs and guidance as it comes in each day…

Then the Higher Helpline Membership is where you want to be!


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Why is this membership for you?

Because you, my friend, already have a direct line to the Divine you desire — it’s just waiting for you to tap into it. 

All the answers, guidance, signs, and synchronicities are right there, ready to be discovered and to offer you all the direction and clarity you need to create the life you crave.

The best news? There’s absolutely no spiritual or psychic expertise required for you to tap into the Divine. You also don’t have to go to the highest mountaintop or meditate for 4 hours every morning (who has time for that anyway?!?)

This membership allows you to expand your spiritual toolkit in a way that fits YOU and your life so that you can access the guidance and connection you need now. Plus, I can help you do this with ease, and most of all, FUN!

Introducing The Higher Helpline Membership

Discover the guidance and spiritual tools you need to tap into YOUR Higher Help team for more clarity, knowing, and happiness in your life.

Inside This Membership Experience, You Will:

Your Higher Helpline
Membership Experience Includes:

LIVE Monthly Masterclasses with Tammy:

Join Tammy every month for a LIVE class with exercises, energy clearing, meditations, and more to tap into the Divine Higher Helpline (the Universe, your angels, guides, and more). And YES, you get access to all the replays. NOTE: Any Masterclasses taught during the year from $39 to $97, are included in the membership.

Monthly Facebook LIVE w/Tammy: Members Only Group Oracle Card Reading & Member Readings

Get access to Tammy LIVE on Facebook on the first Monday of every month for a group oracle card read on what the Universe wants members to know that month AND mini oracle card readings for members too!

Quarterly Intuitive Readings with Expert Guests

Access to top psychics, mediums, animal communicators, and other intuitive experts to access the higher guidance you need to move forward faster every quarter.

Discounted One-on-One Sessions with Tammy

All members get a special discount (40% off) on Tammy’s one-on-one sessions, which include mini oracle card readings, customized prayers, and details on your current blocks and how to clear them.

Members Only Monthly Giveaways

Tammy gives away the products she loves each month, including curated boxes of themed spiritual items, crystals, gemstone jewelry, essential oils, natural bath and body products, and more!

Guided Meditation Library (14 MP3s) (Retail Value: $97)

Access a library of guided meditations led by Tammy to relax, release, heal, and more!

Join Now and Get These Exclusive Bonuses That Will Help You Start Connecting With Your Divine Higher Helpline Right Away!

BONUS 1: The Universe is Talking to You 4-Week Book Video Course (Retail Value: $197)

In this four-module course, Tammy walks you through the lessons in her bestselling book on how to open up to signs and synchronicity from the Universe and Loved Ones on the Other Side. It includes live exercises and Q & As from live participants.

You will also get:

BONUS 2: The Higher Help 2-Hour Video Masterclass (Retail Value: $97)

Based on her bestselling book, learn Tammy’s Higher Help Method to get solutions to your challenges and bring in divine guidance wherever you feel stuck right now. 

You will experience:


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Hi, I’m Tammy!

I help spiritual seekers like you plug into the “Higher Helpline” of the Universe and create their very own, joyful relationship with the Divine, including their angels, guides, and loved ones on the other side. I teach simple spiritual tools to communicate with the Universe, ask for help, and recognize the signs and synchronicities sent to guide us and lead us to the answers we seek for greater clarity, peace, and happiness in life.

In fact, I wrote a bestselling and award-winning book on the topic of communicating with the Universe called “The Universe is Talking to You: Tap Into Signs and Synchronicity to Reveal Magical Moments Every Day.”

I understand what it feels like to be stuck and like you are missing something because life isn’t changing the way you want it to change. And, I understand what it feels like to struggle with decisions — worried you are making the wrong one — and long for guidance and direction so you can move forward with confidence.

It was actually from that place in my own life that I created the spiritual tools I use and teach today to stay in alignment with the Universe and access the guidance I need to move forward with confidence and trust — as well as the reassurance I’m on the right path!

This is what I teach in the Higher Helpline Membership. I share how simple it is to talk to the Universe and receive the guidance you need for more happiness, health, and ease in every area of your life.

What Members Love About the Higher Helpline Community?

Always Learning Something New
“I have been participating in Tammy’s community for several years now, and although she has a wide range of knowledge on the spiritual lessons she teaches, she is very down to earth and relatable. She is kind and caring and just what a person needs who may be going through a difficult time spiritually or who needs some additional information to be able to take her tools and use them to help with any spiritual/personal concerns they may have. She always gives the handouts and videos to help as well. If you are new to spirituality or have been learning about it for decades, she meets you where you are. You can always learn something from her! As a former teacher, what I appreciate is that she teaches using a variety of methods so that every person in her class feels comfortable and able to learn at their level. This is the highest compliment one teacher can give to another!”
Julia Garland Sterling, Ill.
Tammy is a Godsend
“Tammy, I genuinely believe is a Godsend. She keeps me rooted in my faith, grounded, balanced, supported and hopeful. I felt so blessed to be randomly chosen, during two of her calls with guest intuitive mediums. The connections I received from two dear friends I lost during the past four years, and the messages I receive when I least expect it are spot on! I look forward to everything she so generously shares, and am grateful for all she does to ease the pain and suffering, while putting healing in this world.”
Marlene D.
Tammy’s the Real Deal
“I have been in Tammy’s membership for two years and just love it. I heard her interviewed and was instantly drawn to her energy, and fun, down-to-earth personality. I left another membership I was in and joined this one. I want short quick lessons and methods to use for what I may need to use to improve a situation I may be experiencing, and this delivers. I love that the other members are so nice and supportive on the calls and on the membership Facebook page. And Tammy is like your friend and offers a lot of lessons and tips to work on for whatever area you need assistance with at the time. She’s the real deal. I encourage anyone to join the membership and be ready to have fun while learning how to make your life better.”
Nancy Davis
Charlotte, N.C.
Helped in So Many Ways
“I am so happy Tammy has come into my life. She has helped me in so many ways. I highly recommend her Higher Help Masterclass. What an amazing difference it has made in my world!”
Chris Fitzgerald
Feel SO SO Comfortable
“I LOVE being a part of your community… I’ve joined others in the past, but feel SO SO comfortable with Tammy and her group. And she makes me laugh — she is so real and grounded.”
Marian Massaro


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You Can Also Create the Happy, Purposeful Life You Desire Inside the Higher Helpline Community, Even If...

NONE of these circumstances or beliefs are permanent barriers to finding the answers, reassurance, and connection you are seeking.

In fact, this membership will provide you with the spiritual tools to help you solve these problems and move forward toward the life you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! You don’t need ANY previous psychic or intuitive experience or training to tap into the Higher Help you need or to notice the signs, synchronicities, and guidance being sent to you. My tools and teachings work for everyone at every level! They also fit into your everyday life.

I help you access the Divine using many different tools and practices that work together. I also focus on helping you develop your own approach to spirituality and discovering what this means in YOUR life. There is no one “right way” for you to connect with your Higher Helpline, and together, we WILL find what works for you. 

All of my live sessions are either on Zoom or via Facebook, and most of the time it’s just me on screen. That means you can relax, put on your pajamas, and throw your hair into a bun! You don’t have to be on camera or even say a word in the chat box if you don’t want to! (Although, I do love chatting with you all during classes and my monthly Facebook Lives!)

When you sign up, you will get a unique username and password, so you simply need to login to the membership site to access all the replays, meditations, and more. For the live classes, you will be emailed a link to join me on Zoom (again, you don’t have to be on camera!), and the Facebook Lives every month take place in our Members Only Facebook Group with replays accessible immediately after the broadcast.

Yes! Everything is recorded, so if you can’t make it live, no problem. You have unlimited access to it all as long as your membership is active.

You don’t need a Facebook account to join and participate in the classes and intuitive expert calls, but you do need a Facebook account to access the monthly Members Only Facebook Live Oracle Card Readings and Q&A.

No worries! Simply email Mary Jane at, and she will take care of you. (I’ll miss you, of course, but I understand!)

Note: If you have an annual membership, your membership will stay active until your next billing cycle, and we will cancel it for you before it renews.

100% YES! Not only will you have access to Tammy during all the live masterclasses and the monthly Members Only Facebook Lives (where she even does member oracle card readings), but you will also have unlimited access to her in the Facebook group at any time during the month!


Select Your Payment Plan: