Tame the chaos and find your happy place,
even with a busy, messy life.

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Tammy Mastroberte

Hi! I'm Tammy, and I help people tame the chaos in their lives. . .

Using quick and easy tools, I’ll show you how to plug back into a higher level of happiness and peace . . .  even when life seems anything but that!

I’ll warn you, there are side effects to taming the chaos. This includes feeling good much more often than feeling bad, opening up and recognizing the signs and synchronicities the Universe is sending to help guide you (my specialty), and attracting what you want into your life (along with amazing things you can’t even imagine yet).

If you think you are ready for that, then you are in the right place, so keep scrolling!

P.S. I’m also the founder of the award-winning Elevated Existence Magazine, and author of The Universe is Talking to You: Tap Into Signs and Synchronicity to Reveal Magical Moments Every Day (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2020).

Let me help you!

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Praise from Other Experts

“Tammy is a fresh voice to listen to.”

— Colette Baron-Reid, Bestselling Author of “The Map” and star of the television show, “Messages from Spirit

“If you are ready for life to become more magical, joyful and meaningful, Tammy Mastroberte and her teachings will show you how.”

— Saje Dyer, Bestselling Author of “The Knowing.”

“Tammy Mastroberte is the real deal!” 

— Joe Vitale, Bestselling author of the “The Awakened Millionaire,” and star of the hit movie “The Secret”

“Tammy Mastroberte is authentic, down-to-earth, and most importantly, what she teaches works!”

— Karen Noe, psychic medium, bestselling author of “Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After Loss.”


Here is what clients and students have to say about working with me and my teachings.

Tairi Lamb

"I am so happy I’m having a breakthrough with my spiritual connection . . . I am so thankful I was led to Tammy. I am feeling more alive and my true self again."

Claudia Azzarelli

"Tammy’s teachings have all been so helpful. I’m finding a sense of peace and connection again."

Julie Varon

Julie Varon

"Talking to Tammy is like talking to a good friend ... but a good friend with life-changing advice and spot-on intuition. Tammy coached me over several one-on-one calls, and almost immediately zeroed in on what needed changing and gave me bite-sized exercises and techniques to help me do it. I never felt overwhelmed by Tammy's suggestions, yet they were surprisingly effective. And worked quickly. Tammy knows what she's doing. I highly recommend working with her."

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Tame the chaos and find your happy place, even with a busy, messy life.

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